The Dangers of Eating Japanese Imported Foods

So I’ve officially banned Japanese restaurants at the moment and have discontinued consuming any more produce from Japan after continuous studies indicating the dangers of the toxic radiation found in their foods. carotenemia My dad arrived a few days ago from Toronto and he quickly noticed how orange my skin was.  I confided to him my insane daily obsession with Japanese pumpkin and it never occurred to me that because it is grown in the soils of Japan, I could be exposing myself to the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster several years ago.  Not only was I consuming this pumpkin on a daily basis, I was also buying a lot of fish imported from Japan as well. li-japancook-rtr2k8dz So what do we need to know as consumers about our Japanese food supply?
  • Just several months ago, the Japanese government reported that the Fukushima plant was leaking approximately 300 tons, or 71,895 gallons, of contaminated water each day
  • Reports have also shown these polluted waters have affected the ocean life in the West Coast of America – Californian fish have been detected with radiation and British Columbia
  • The US Government continues to test the seafood for contamination and samples of food imported from Japan and although radiation has been detected, it is inconclusive whether it has reached a dangerous level
  • However there are increasing concerns of cancer for future generations and reports suggest that at least 80,000 people are likely to develop radiation-related cancers in Japan and other countries such as Canada
  • Some fish samples have shown to contain very high levels of radiation such as Sea Bass
sushi-sashimi-platter-use So... what should we do?
  • As for my kitchen, I have pretty much eliminated all Japanese food thus far
  • Try to avoid any produce and seafood from Japan
  • Limit your consumption of Japanese cuisine (although I must admit, it is one of my favourite foods)
  • Eat more sustainably caught, low mercury fish and seafood such as mussels, scallops, salmon, trout, calamari, and shrimp
  • I’ve also recently bought Chlorella supplements because I do eat seafood everyday and this supplement as well as Spirulina are supposed to reduce radioactive materials in people
  • However – be careful that this blue-green algae superfood is not sourced from Japan or nearby waters as there are many popular brands from this country!

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