Daniel Craig Opens Up About Being Physically Fit to Play James Bond

In Hollywood, celebrities often find their sex-appeal clock ticking long before they land their first role, but there are of course, some stars who beat the odds, proving good looks and a physically fit physique aren't just meant for those in their 20s. There's been a lot of speculation regarding who will take over the role of James Bond, but actor Danielle Craig says he wants to play the part for as long as his body will allow him. "I work myself to death," the 47-year-old, who admitted he's doing fewer stunts than he used to, said. "It's getting harder. But such is life. I'll keep going as long as I'm physically able." The "Spectre" star admits, however, that while he may look the part, he's not necessarily trying to pretend he'll ever have that type of body in his everyday life. "I'm not strong and macho," he explained. "I'm not James Bond. I am genuinely not him. I don't need any of his lifestyle. I'm just an actor, folks – it's acting." https://youtu.be/z4UDNzXD3qA Are you a Daniel Craig fan? Source: Access Hollywood  

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