Dat Techno, Cardio Playlist

Whenever you’re pushing yourself to new goals, sometimes you need that extra drive to keep you focused. Music has the ability to keep us in the zone while reaching new levels, keeping your pace strong and confident. Techno hits hard, and it will always be the voice of reason when you feel like quitting. There’s some downtime in the playlist so you don’t kill yourself, but front to back you’ve got some uncompromising techno that will keep you accurate, concentrated and unyielding.

Dat Techno, Cardio Mix from JackEwing on 8tracks Radio.

Yes I used the Techno Viking for this post’s featured image. Why the hell not? We all secretly want to be as awesome as the Techno Viking. Maybe, just maybe, this playlist is the first step. Let the Beat Control Your Body - Brodinsky Fat Bee (Avrosse Remix) - Louie Cut Iron & Water - Gingy and Bordello A Lost Era - Gesaffelstein Bambam - Matador Yours - Steffi Reserva - Elektro Guzzi Seraphim - Simian Mobile Disco

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