Dating a Powerful Woman: 10 Things You Need To Know

Women are powerful in their own kind of way. If your going to date a strong woman, keep these 10 things in mind. 1. Expect things straight to the point Women do not sugarcoat things. If she has a problem, she'll let you know. All women want men to be on board and do the same. 2. Relationships don't last through text message Strong women are communicators. Of course, she doesn't mind text messages throughout the day. But that won't cut it. They prefer face-to-face action or telephone conversations. 3. Don't show off Set aside your ego and commit to her needs. Do not attempt to make her jealous by flashing her photos of previous women. 4. Keep up with the conversation Have real conversations about real issues. Mature women want to engage in serious topics. In order to keep up, you need to understand that woman are continuously thinking about things that really matter. 5. Step up to the plate Her job is probably stressful and requires her full attention. Make decisions and make plans. Avoid being indecisive. Women aren't looking for men who can't make a decision for the life of them. 6. Disrespect is a huge turnoff Women want to be treated with respect. Don't ruin a good thing by mistreating them. 7. Don't be flaky, it just won't cut it If you say your going to do something. DO IT. Or your going to be held accountable...and that gets you nowhere good. 8. You're going to have new life experiences If she's chosen you as her life long partner, she's going to want to share her future plans with you. 9. Boredom is out of the question She's constantly on the go and actively seeks out new adventures. Prepare to try new things. 10. Commitment and loyalty Strong, loyal women are trustworthy and independent. They expect loyalty and commitment from you. Don't be afraid to date a strong, powerful woman.

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