Day 1 - 30 days of HIIT

So I've decided to do a mini challenge with myself and do 30 continuous days of HIIT. Today is Day 1 and I've made a commitment to myself to HIIT train every day. Putting this in a BLOG to me sets it in concrete and ensures that it’s something I will follow through. Exercise is often one of those things that easily rolls from the "To Do" list from today to tomorrow, and then the next day and so on. Committing to 30 days straight of HIIT will ensure working out is a “NON NEGOTIABLE" I challenge you to take on the challenge yourselves. Even if this is the first time you have done HIIT workouts before it’s the perfect time to make the commitment. Spring is coming up in a month so why not start your fitness goals pre summer. Even if you manage just one round the first day its amazing how quickly your fitness improves. Set your timer to 10/50 x 15 rounds. You will be performing each exercise 3 times. Watch my You Tube video below for a full rundown. Exercise 1 2 Jump Squats, crawl forward into Push Up position, one full Push up and then crawl your way back to standing position Exercise 2 Using either a kettle bell or a dumbbell start in squat position. Bend down and pick up weight, bending your knees power your arm up to your shoulder and then push up above head. Lower down to ground and repeat with other arm. Exercise 3 High Knees (or skipping if you prefer) Exercise 4 Sit ups with weight ball. Ensure ball is above head when starting and finishing sit up Exercise 5 Plank dumbbell reaches - Start in plank position, lowering to elbows and then back up to hands. Reach your right arm underneath your left and move dumbbell to right side. Lower back down to elbows and back up to hands, this time reach your left arm under your right and move dumbbell to the left side. Please comment if you liked this workout.

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