Day 1 Complete! Now let's Eat!

Hi BodyRockers! If you are an early morning BodyRocker like myself, today was Day #1 of the 30 Day Challenge!  Yes, I'm one day behind, but that's ok.  I prefer doing it this way so I have control over when I work out and therefore, avoid any excuses that can come up as the day goes on.  The truth is, I'm not a "morning person". But when you're a busy parent, often the morning is the only time of the day you truly have control over! Day 1 Video:  I love BodyRocking as much as the rest of you.  However, my favourite part of a workout, is when it is OVER!  I just adore how it makes me feel after!  I believe there is nothing better to start the day off right!  It just makes the rest of the day that much smoother!  Additionally, I have more energy, motivation and I'm way more productive!  I think a lot of this is tied to doing something for ME first thing in the morning.   Giving back to yourself is a powerful feel good prescription! The other great part about being finished my workout, is that I get to EAT!  What you nourish yourself with after a workout is so critical!  I always try to eat within a half hour after my workout to ensure my body has all the valuable raw materials it needs to recover!  There are varying recommendations about what to eat after a workout depending on the intensity and duration as well as your individual goals.   For the average person though, a well balanced whole food smoothie is the perfect recovery breakfast!  My smoothies always have a good quality, minimally processed vegan protein powder, whole fresh or frozen fruit as my carbohydrate source and a yummy fat such as avocado, hemp hearts, almond butter or coconut oil and some alkalizing leafy greens! Image This is a picture of all the ingredients that went into my green smoothie this morning.  The full recipe along with many more of my favourites are in the  “Catching Fire: Burn Fat & Ignite Your Metabolism” e-book!  If you haven't purchased it yet,  just click on the link!  For any questions regarding the guide and for additional nutrition tips and inspiration you can find me on my Facebook page Ciara Foy Nutrition. Ciara xo

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