Day 1 Week 3 - Fit Test #2 & Sean's Chest and Triceps Workout

Hi Bodyrocker's In life we are tested all of the time and most of it - almost all of it comes down to how badly we want it.  Some of us, the lucky ones, are naturally wired to get up at 6am and workout. Those are the lucky ones. I'm not one of those people. For me it's a struggle. It's a fight. I have Brutus in my head every second pleading with me to turn over on my life and go back to sleep. My workout beings everyday inside the mental arena - and the muscle I have to flex before I even get my trainers on is my determination and will power. I might have to fight to overcome the gravity of the couch or a hundred other distractions and excuses, and maybe I was never the naturally athletic type that took easily to physical exercise, but I will not go down in defeat in my mind because when we stand there in the full measure of who we are we can be anything, do anything and achieve anything. It's a mental game and you need to bring it. If you can't will yourself to get up off of the couch and turn off the TV then forget the workout because what we can't do mentally we will never accomplish physically. For those of you who always felt more mental prowess than physical ability - moving your body is the easy part. See yourself rising up and taking on these 12 minute workouts - see yourself pushing harder then you ever have before - feel the endorphins rushing through your body and making you feel alive - then do it. How badly do you want it? Keep Rocking, Freddy   [wobreakdown] Lisa here - I hope you all enjoyed your active rest days and are ready to power through another week !? My Word today was Positive ! - Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude is what today is all about. When you feel like you are struggling to keep on track just draw on your own power and your PMA and make the right choices to change the whole situation round. If you need motivation, or have any questions please drop by and connect with me here. I'm online connecting with loads of BodyRockers all day offering support and tips and I would love to help you and connect if you need it :) This is week three of the 30 Day Challenge !! We start todays Workout with the FIT TEST !! Get ready to smash your old scores!! You will complete 7 exercises for 50 seconds on with a 10 second rest in between each exercise. Make sure you write down your scores in your journals/diet books and post them on the site to share and compare against your old scores - you will be able to look back and be proud of how far you have come in such a short time with a noticeable difference in your strength & fitness. We are going to push hard this week with intense total body workouts that will leave you feeling muscles you never knew you even had! In 30 days you will feel leaner stronger, fit healthy, and completely energised & ready to take on the world. This week we are going to be continued to be challenged, get fit & reach your true potential-without an expensive gym membership, this 30 day program is guaranteed to take your regular workout routine to the next level ! Fit Test: Set your interval timer to 50/10 and complete as many as the following exercises in the time as you can. We will be using our interval timers in every single workout of this 30 day challenge and it is basically the only must have item for BodyRocking. Our timers let us know when to switch exercises and the "beeps" keep us all pushing harder then a regular clock ever could. Ask any seasoned BodyRocker and they will tell you that working out with our timers takes it to a whole different level. Squat Jump Push Ups Burpees High Knees Switch Lunges Tuck Jumps Straight Abs My Scores for the fit test : 48 squat jumps 39 Pushups on toes 22 burpees - with Tuck jump 129 high knees - every time a foot touched the floor 60 Tucks - Killed me !! 49 Straight abs - Hands on head, elbows touched bent knees and floor every time ! My Scores for Seans Workout : 32, 31 press up off ball on toes 17, 15 total pushup and dip Twice through each round of 21's Sean's Chest & Triceps Workout: Hi BodyRockers! Sean here - The following three exercises are to be performed for 2 mins each with a 20 second rest in-between each exercise - Complete all three twice through for a total of 12 minutes. Set your interval timer for 20/2.00  Interval Timer and post your scores. Here are the exercises for my workout: Equalizer Press and Dip (new BodyRocker Equipment that we will be using) 21's -  Wide Push Up, Close Grip Push Up, Star or Diamond Push up Chest Press off of the Balance Ball using the Sandbag Your next workout will be posted on the site everyday to follow along with advice on diet & supplements to support your training. We will be posting pictures of some of our meals on our Facebook pages to give you guys a running idea about what we are eating a long with other tips and little pep talks so please "like" BodyRock.Tv on Facebook here to keep up with the diet portion of the 30 day challenge! I got an inspiring not from a BodyRocker this week.  She wrote in and had this to say after starting our 30 Day Challenge! Hello Sean! My name is Alyssa & I am from Omaha, Nebraska. Being a single mom, full time student and part time worker, I didnt have much time if at all to workout. I discovered Bodyrock on a persons blog back in early December and thought how is it possible to even lose weight doing less than 30 minute workouts When I would spend 1.5 hours working out at a gym and not see much change. It took me about 2 weeks before I gave it a try. When I started the 30 day challenge, I took measurements to keep track of my weight loss. Being 15 days into the challenge I was curious to see if there have been any changes yet. So I went and measured my self again today and to my surprise ive lost: 1/2 inch on my arms, 1/4 inch on my thighs, 1 & 1/4 inch on my calves, 1 in on my waist, 2 & 1/2 inches on my abdomen,  1 & 1/2 inches on my hips and an inch off my chest. Thats a total of 8 inches in 15 days!  I am officially in love with BodyRockTv. The 30 Day Programme – click here for a downloadable version of the schedule. Want to be part of the community ? Here are our pages so you can connect with us personally & share your food, get constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated and stay focused : Lisa-Marie’s page: click here Sean’s page: click here Freddy’s page: click here Make sure and connect with us and leave us your questions, comments and suggestions, we reply as soon as we can :). Enjoy your workout!!! Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie

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