Day 10 of 21 Day Challenge: Yoga and Burrito, Match Made in Heaven

Today I had a burrito. YES. A mighty, mighty burrito. Here is why I don’t feel guilty:
  • I reached my personal 4 gluten/wheat-free days goal for the week previously, I think I can do it again.
  • I survived shark week without binge eating or missing a single workout.
  • On top of today’s workout I also did an intense hot yoga class.
  • It’s finally spring! The sun was shining today, and it was just too nice of a day to NOT have a burrito.
  • Best part: I got a naked burrito – yup, that’s right, all the tasty burrito filling, none of the gluten-y tortilla goodness.
So basically, a springtime marriage of yoga and burrito, how could you go wrong? WORKOUT: Video used: Equipment needed: equalizer_fb Click here to get your equalizer kettlesandbell Click here to get your kettle sandbells Timer_FB Click here to get your Hiit timer Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.41.44 PM And check out the Challenge Guide and Burnout Workouts here

Workout breakdown:

6 exercises, 2 times through

50 seconds work – 10 seconds rest

1)   Bicep curl + back lunge

2)   5 dips + 5 diamonds

3)   Walking swimmers

4)   Mountain climbers + side raisers

5)   5x side raises + 5x jump squats

6)   Standing curls

  • Free weights instead of kettle sandbells
  • I didn’t want to pull out two chairs for the one equalizer move, so I just did tricep dips on my coffee table
FOOD: Scrambled eggs for breakfast, unfortunately no fancy sautéed veggies with it, but still a nice solid breakfast. Strawberry smoothie for lunch, and a homemade oatmeal almond cranberry cookie from a pal of mine on a healthy baking kick. Naked burrito for dinner; scandalous and delicious. THOUGHTS:
  • As much as I really like Lisa as a trainer, it is always nice to switch it up and have a different person to follow/different kind of workout. Luckily I was pretty motivated to work out today, because sometimes I DO just need a sassy British woman to yell at me.
  • I love burritos. Oh so much.

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