Day 10: I don't think I have ever sweated as much as I did today (Natalie)

If I had known just how tough today was going to be then I would have definitely allowed myself the rest day yesterday instead of creating my own workout. Today was seriously hard work! I feel great though, day 10, we are a third of the way through the challenge! I loved today's workout, and I'm pretty sure I could actually feel the fat burning as I was doing it. I don't think I have ever sweated as much as I did today! It was possibly the hardest workout I have ever done with The Daily Hiit, definitely the hardest in the 30 day challenge. I don't know about you, but I love sweating when I'm working out. It's such a satisfying way to know that what you just did pushed you really hard, and it's only when something pushes you that you will see changes. Many women feel embarrassed when they sweat, particularly in a public place like a gym or workout class, but there's no need to be ashamed. It shows you are working hard and that you are giving it all you've got. Nobody ever got the perfect body from leaving a workout looking as perfect as they did when they started it. Push yourself, get a sweat on. If you look neat and tidy and sweat free after a workout then you aren't putting in enough effort. Go for it! I don't think I could possibly choose a favourite movement from today's workout as I loved each of them. I love anything that pushes me to work really hard because then I know it's going to improve my body. I had to make a slight modification as I don't have a dip station, so I did tricep dips off the edge of my bed instead of the pull ups. I'm loving the 30 day challenge and now that I'm a third of the way through I'm getting really excited to get to the end and see the changes in my body. Keep pushing hard. This workout will be difficult, but it will be worth it. Overtraining_main_0622 I ate well today until the evening: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Soup Dinner: Steak with sweet potato, carrots and green beans Snack after dinner: Ice cream - I'm really angry to have to write that, but I want to be honest with you all as we all slip up. I had a few spoonfuls because I have been craving it for a few days and couldn't resist it any longer, but strangely I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to and ended up giving it away. I guess that now my body is in a healthy way it doesn't accept 'bad' foods so easily. I will get straight back onto my clean eating again tomorrow, you need to make sure that if you slip up that you pick back up right where you left off. Don't let it ruin your hard work. Fall-off-wagon That WILL be my last slip up for this challenge. I'm not going to let cravings get the better of me any more, I want to see improvements at the end of this 30 days and I'm not going to see them if I give into my cravings. I can do this...WE can do this.

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