Day 13 of 21 Day Challenge: Progress Report

I feel like I should probably have posted a picture of myself to actually show my progress by now. So, here’s a progress picture, not that it’s drastic progress, but I think I’m a bit more toned since my beginning photo. I’m certainly not cut, but I think there’s the beginnings of possible ab definition, AND slightly less tummy pooch, not that this photo is a great illustration of that. (also, I look mildly crazed - just ignore my facial expressions) day13progress More importantly, check out the extra inch of wiggle room in these jeans! They weren't overly tight before, but they did fit snuggly. I’m going to have to start wearing a belt. Or just go shopping. day13progressb WORKOUT: Took a lovely walk in the great outdoors. Also, I feel that the amount of laundry I did today should count towards my workout – lots of heavy lifting, carrying things up and down flights of stairs, it counts, right? Clearly I need Lisa's mildly threatening motivation in my life. FOOD: For breakfast I made a small peanut butter cup smoothie and a two-egg omelet with sautéed onions and peppers, which very nearly became scrambled eggs (as is usually the case with my attempted omelets) but I saved it! Giant salad for lunch. Indian take-out for dinner: channa masala, vegetable biryani, and a vegetable samosa. Not the healthiest of dinners, but oh my god so good. I also made sure to eat only until I was 80% full, and now I have a lot of leftovers, even after sharing with someone else. THOUGHTS:
  • I think material goods as a reward for good health habits is a great idea. I know that some people reward themselves with food – like, I lost 5 lbs so I can binge on pizza this weekend. But I think that’s a bit counterintuitive. Instead, you drop a dress size? Looks like it’s time for a new dress, am I right?

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