Day 13: I loved this workout, but I've realized I need more sleep (Natalie)

This challenge seems to be going so fast! I can't quite believe that it's day 13 already. I absolutely loved today's workout. Don't get me wrong, it hurt like crazy, but I loved it. I could feel it working with each movement. My favourite move today had to be the shoulder tap plank. I've been a big fan of this move since I first saw it in a Daily Hiit workout about six months ago and although it is extremely hard I love doing it. I also loved the front squat and tricep overhead, and the deadlift and row....and the side plank lifts. Ok I loved every part of today's workout! They were all fantastic moves that pushed a lot of my weaknesses. I've realised today that I'm not getting enough sleep during this challenge so I've decided to make that a focus of mine. I am going to endeavour to get at least eight hours sleep every night because that is a vital part of muscle recovery. tumblr_lm738wrJo21qeow5po1_500 I ate well today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Soup Snack: Pear and a fruit smoothie purchased from a shop as I forgot to make one last night....darn. Dinner: Chicken salad I'm feeling good. Tired yes, but good. I'm so pleased that I decided to start this challenge because now exercising has once again become a part of my daily routine, and it's no longer something I have to force myself to do, I just do it. For me now it's just something I do automatically every day. make-it-a-lifestyle Once it becomes a habit like that it's fantastic! Keep going and it will become a habit for you too.

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