Day 14 of 21 Day Challenge: Motivation!

Alright, so since it is the cusp of the last week of the challenge (and because I’m very boring and have nothing interesting to report on about my life) it is time for some motivational images! 21MOTIVATIONAL-2   21sweatatthegym 21FeelsGood   21Don't look back Stoked yet for the last 7 days? I am! LET'S ROCK THIS! WORKOUT: Nothing too strenuous, went to the gym and did some treadmill time, some ab workouts, and this great machine that I don’t know the name of, but feels like a moon bounce. FOOD: Oatmeal with apple sauce and walnuts for breakfast. Hearty vegetable soup for lunch. Leftover Indian food for dinner; channa masala and vegetable biryani. THOUGHTS:
  • Even though I’m definitely not going to binge eat a bunch of chocolate or anything once the challenge is over, it is nice that there is a definitive amount of time set in place that I am really health focused. I’m definitely doing the next challenge, it just kind of puts you in the driver’s seat of your health. It also makes it slightly easier to deny your sweets craving, because you think, "oh I'll just have it once the challenge is over" but by then you don't even really want sweets.

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