Day 14: I needed that yoga stretch (Natalie)

I've had a good day today. After making a promise to myself that I would get more sleep every night I got nine hours sleep last night (yay) so I was feeling good when I woke up this morning. I went rock climbing again today. After my first session a few days ago I couldn't wait to get back on the wall so I took my family along with me and we all had a go. It was just as much fun for me the second time round, and my family all thought it was great too. We were all aching afterwards from the brilliant workout. My Son even climbed straight up to the ceiling every time! Very proud Mum today. I've now passed the addiction onto my family and we are all super excited to go back again! After rock climbing I came home ready to do day 14 of the 30 day challenge, and was quite excited to see that there was something new for today. I trained as a dancer for 10 years so I love dancing, but, although I did enjoy the dance that we were taught, I have to be honest...I didn't see it as a workout. I loved learning the routine, and it took me back to my dancing days, but sadly it didn't get my heart racing and certainly didn't get me anywhere near breaking a sweat. I missed the squats and planks that I have been used to for the last few weeks. Having said that, after rock climbing I was quite grateful to not be working too hard. I do however feel that whatever movement we are doing is better than sitting on the sofa, so that's a great thing to remember. I was very grateful for the yoga flow with Teisha though. I've always enjoyed the yoga flows provided by The Daily Hiit as I find that they aid tremendously in my muscle recovery, and that they help to further improve my flexibility. 6510bc588b2a4bcf3a77dbdaa093b601 I ate well again today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Soup Dinner: Steak with sweet potato, carrots and green beans I'm excited about tomorrow as I am going to be taking half way photos and measurements of myself as it's day 15....half way through the challenge! Amazing! Fingers crossed I see some improvements. I don't know whether I will see much, if any at all, but I hope so.

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