Day 16 of 21 Day Challenge: Food Accountability

I have in the past counted calories, or at least kept track of what I ate on a daily basis. I had fallen out of the habit though long before the challenge started, so to be thrust not only back into that routine of writing out what I eat, but also into writing what I eat for a whole bunch of people to look at has been a little daunting. Not that my eating habits are usually bad, but I almost didn’t have dinner yesterday and then felt reeeally guilty about it. I’m being held accountable for my actions, and it’s a pretty good motivator for keeping me on track. I also like being able to look back at what I ate on any given day, see if it somehow impacted my workout or what else was going on that day. Blogging for this challenge is basically just very public health journaling. (Which may seem like an obvious statement, but I guess it's just occurring to me now) WORKOUT: Video used: Equipment needed: equalizer_fb Click here to get your equalizer kettlesandbell Click here to get your kettle sandbells Timer_FB Click here to get your Hiit timer Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.41.44 PM And check out the Challenge Guide and Burnout Workouts here

Workout breakdown:

4 exercises, 3 times through

50 seconds workout – 10 seconds rest

1)   Kettle bell swing

2)   5 jump squats + 5 pulse squats

3)   Wood chops 5x L+5x R

4)   L+R alternate front lunge + ab twist reverse push-up

  • I made a makeshift kettle bell by stuffing a 5 lb weight, a sweater, and two magic bags into a tote bag. It actually worked really well, I like the swing of it more than free weights.
  • Pro-tip: if you do make your own kettle bell and choose to do wood chops, make sure that you don’t accidentally spill everything out of it by holding it upside down. Not that I did that or anything.
  • Not really a modification, but since you stay in the lunge for a bit, I made sure to kind of tuck my tail bone under so that my back could stay really straight.


Yup, today I actually did the burnout and it was awesome.

1)   L+R alternate plank hold + spider

2)   Right oblique plank + inner thigh lift

3)   Left oblique plank + inner thigh lift

No modifications but going right into it after the workout definitely helps, because you’ve already got that energy going. FOOD: It’s April, which means golf season, which means country club season. SO, I had a giant brunch at the club – scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, tea, and the best part: almond and coconut encrusted French toast. Omnomnomnom. Not the healthiest, but I think I can recreate it, so if I end up making spelt or buckwheat flour bread this week (something that’s been on my to-do list for FOREVER) then you will definitely see a fancy French toast attempt. Afternoon tea with some celery and peanut butter. For dinner I had a veggie stirfry with rice, chopped peanuts, and a general tso sauce. At uke night I got a cider (yeah, it’s a thing I sometimes do, regardless of the fact that I am entirely unmusical, and do not in fact own my own ukulele). Fun fact: most ciders are naturally gluten-free. THOUGHTS:
  • Can I just bake and exercise and learn to play the ukulele and not work ever? Because that would be ideal.
  • I am really excited for when I actually get the equipment. I will probably not be able to do that many reps with a kettle bell but I feel that it’ll just be fun to try, plus my dictionaries are getting a bit worn from my ill treatment of them as sandbags.

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