Day 2: Aching but worth it

Ouch! Today my legs and butt are in agony after yesterday's workout! Doing the day 2 workout was painful, but it is definitely going to be worth it. doms This was a great workout! My favourite move was easily the 'side plank leg lift and through'. I couldn't believe just how hard that move was and I hated it while I was doing it, which always means that I will end up loving it because the moves you hate most are usually the moves that are going to make the biggest difference to your body. I'm going to remember that one for future workouts. I felt amazing afterwards! If you are considering giving up because of the pain don't! The pain is your muscles growing, and when your muscles grow your body improves. Stick at it. The pain is worth it. Pain+is+Temp+Pride+Is+Forever+II+18 I ate pretty well again today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Green vitality smoothie (from the Nutrition guide)...OMG it's delicious! smoothie         smoothie1 Snack: The remainder of the smoothie Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese with a small amount of gluten free spaghetti - following the portion size guide The only thing that could've been improved would be the dinner, but I made it as clean as I could by it being home-made. Two days in and I'm already struggling to sit down...this challenge is going to be legendary!

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