Day 2 Week 4 of the 30 Day Challenge - Strip The Fear Workout

Hi Bodyrockers, Conquer is todays word !! “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” The first time you BodyRock you apply your energy to conquer fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear on something that you have never done before. The fear that sows the seeds of doubt in your ability to do it. Fear that you might look silly, or not do it correctly. Fear that the people around you will judge you or criticize you for wanting something more and better for yourself. You faced all of these fears and a hundred others like them and in the blink of an eye you conquered them and did it. There is so much internal resistance inside each of us - that voice that we BodyRockers call "Brutus" - that whispers for us to sit down when we should stand, be quiet when we should speak up and raise our voices, to turn our backs when we should be kind and compassionate. Part of what we practice here together in these daily 12 minute BodyRock workouts is training ourselves to conquer the resistance of negativity, judgement, to push beyond the status quo of what we believe is possible in our own lives - and ultimately to kick Brutus in the ass when the voices of fear threaten to steal the joy and inspiration that comes from truly living and being the best versions of ourselves possible. Much love and respect, Freddy Lisa-Marie's Workout: [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 10/50 and complete the following 4 exercises 3 times through. ( 4 times if you feel brave enough ;) ) 1. Push-up + Clean & Press & Squat & Press – using the Pink Sandbag 2. Plyo-metric Jump & Press Up 3. Plank & Floor touch & Knee Tuck – Alternate Sides Using the Yellow Equalizer or Dip StationStability Ball 4. Reverse Pull Up's Using the Yellow Equalizer or Dip Station
The Challenge:
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Enjoy the workouts :)
Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie.

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