Day 20 of 21 Day Challenge: Twas The Night Before The Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge, and the first day of a new shoot. Both bring very interesting colliding changes, so I’m hoping I can balance clean eating/fitness/and work. Luckily, the talent on this shoot has a gluten intolerance, which means there will always be a lot of gluten free options, and there will be vegetarian options for myself and a few other crew members. It’s not like I’ll be eating pizza for the duration of the shoot, set food is actually generally great, usually one of my favourite things about being on set. The problem with set food is that a) I have no control over it, so I eat what options I’m given, b) there is always food around you all the time, and c) I’m working a 14 hour day, and then going back to wherever I’m staying and doing another few hours of paperwork, so I have NO time to burn off the food I’ve eaten. WORKOUT: Lovely little walk in the blustery outdoors, and an amazing hot yoga class. It’s actually become a bit of a tradition that the night before a big shoot I’ll do a hot yoga class to clear my head, get less stressed, and just have a mini detox. FOOD: My breakfast was an apple, which I ate while running from my car to work. I had a Whole Foods lunch date, and decided to forgo my usual spelt flour pretzel (madness, I know). I had mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, and a small almond milk latte. For dinner, I had a veggie dog, and a homemade quinoa nut butter power bar (#skinnyrecipe is on its way) for dessert. THOUGHTS:
  • It’s the night before the last day, which brings up a lot of thoughts for me. Will I continue with my clean eating once the challenge is over? Will I make time for daily workouts without Lisa’s berating?
  • I found out yesterday that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I guess that will have to sustain me in any worries about continuing on my fitness journey.
  • Everyone should do yoga. Seriously.

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