Day 21 of 21 Day Challenge: It's ooooover

Oooooh my god it’s here. Last day. Time to go big or go home. Or, I guess, go big and then go home. So many mixed emotions running through me right now; happiness that I finished it, sadness that it’s over, relief that the next time I eat a cookie thousands of people don’t need to know about it, and excitement for the next challenge! I don’t want to get sappy or anything, but it’s been really awesome reading everyone’s comments, seeing other people reacting to the workouts, and being able to even slightly motivate or help you during these awesome 21 days. Ugh, too sappy, need to think of something trite or sarcastic to say. Not trite or sarcastic but here’s my after photo: afterside2   I apologize for the poor quality, the lighting was kind of awful. Wellllll, I kind of have more tone. WORKOUT: Video used: Equipment needed: equalizer_fb Click here to get your equalizer sandbag_FB Click here to get your sandbag Timer_FB Click here to get your Hiit timer Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.41.44 PM And check out the Challenge Guide and Burnout Workouts here

Workout breakdown:

9 exercises

40 seconds work – 10 seconds rest

1)   L+R alternate elevated 1 leg push-ups

2)   Around the world + clean & press + squat & press

3)   Plank cross knees to elbow

4)   Left side oblique top leg lift + elbow knee tuck

5)   Right side oblique top leg lift + elbow knee tuck

6)   Scissor C sit abs

7)   L+R alternate stand up + tuck jump + switch lunge toe touch

8)   L+R alternate equalizer oblique knee lifts

9)   Plank high, low push up + 10 mountain climbers


  • For elevated push-ups I used a piano bench instead of an equalizer
  • If you find the side oblique leg lift really hard (because it is) I tried a side plank, and lifting/knee tuck with the top leg instead. If you can’t side plank for that long, bring your bottom knee down.
  • For the knee lifts I used the backs of two chairs.
FOOD: Coffee and a fried egg for breakfast. Lunch was steamed carrots, roasted potatoes, and pesto pasta, and dinner was more of the same. Snacks were carrots and celery, and quinoa nut butter power bar. THOUGHTS:
  • Today’s workout was totally the best of both worlds – why don’t they team up more often? Really killer workout for the last day.
  • HUGE ego boost today, everyone on set (who I haven’t worked with for a while) said I looked great. Definitely eased my secret (not-so-secret) fretting about my after photo.

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