Day 23: Know the difference between a set back and failure

I'm really excited today because I'm finishing my antibiotics this evening, which means I get to start working out again tomorrow! I can't wait to properly get back into the 30 day challenge! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had my university awards ceremony today and I was a little worried about what the meal would consist of as I didn't want to ruin my hard work through the challenge. I didn't really need to worry at all though because it was a fairly healthy meal! It was delicious too! Today I spent a lot of the day resting again as, although I'm near the end of my course of antibiotics, I still don't quite feel right and I wanted to save some energy for the awards ceremony. Today I obviously didn't eat as well as I normally do, but I'm counting today as my treat day: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Tomato soup Dinner: The free three course meal - tomato and basil soup, chicken roast dinner, strawberry and raspberry pavlova I'm so excited to start working out again tomorrow, and to get straight back into eating healthy again after the meal I had tonight. Admittedly I technically didn't FALL off track as this meal was something I had planned and known about for a while, but it is far too easy to think that once you've eaten something bad that it's ok to gorge on a load of chocolate etc. Don't do it! failure setback As I've said many times before you should never give in just because you fall off the track with clean eating for one meal or one day even. Don't let it get to you, we are only human after all. As long as you pick back up where you left off that's all that matters. I've always eaten fairly healthy and I still struggle to stick to clean eating 100% of the time, so for those of you who are completely new to eating clean it's understandable that you are going to find it difficult at times as well. Just don't give in to the 'bad stuff' completely. Keep pushing and you will get there. Never underestimate what you are capable of. You CAN do this.  

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