Day 24 (my day 17): Tonsillitis, I kicked your butt, and now I'm ready to workout again

Those of you who have been following my 30 day challenge posts will know that I've had to take the last week off from the workouts due to being diagnosed with tonsillitis and feeling pretty junk, but I've finished my antibiotics now and today was my first day back doing the workouts. I still feel a little bit tired and not quite 100%, but I've missed exercising so much that I had to get back to it today, and I loved it! My body definitely knew that I'd taken a break though...I had built a lot of strength and stamina in the first few weeks of the challenge, but today I really struggled. I had to stop to catch my breath a few times , but I have no doubt that I will get back to how I was before in just a few days though. No matter how hard I found today's workout I never gave up. I did every exercise to the best of my ability, and that is what matters. eb39ea639fb03772b00a8326d0fb9f09 Because I had to stop following the workouts on day 17 my day countdown isn't correct anymore, so although it's day 24 officially, I'm back to day 17, so from now on (although it will be slightly confusing) I am going to go back to the actual workout day numbers as my blog titles. So tomorrow will be day 18 for me. Sorry for any confusion, it's just so you guys can keep up with where I'm at. My favourite exercise today was 3 plank jacks and feet clap. I loved it! I always love finding new movements, and I could definitely feel this one working so I really enjoyed doing it. My least favourite exercise was the 1 armed mountain climbers though. I liked the fact that these made me work hard, but I just couldn't seem to find my balance so felt like I wasted a lot of my time starting over. I will work on them though because they are clearly great for your core if you struggle to balance while doing them. After my university award ceremony last night I made sure that I ate well today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Tomato soup Snack: Protein peanut butter cup (homemade - I will be posting the recipe in the next few days) Dinner: Chicken stirfry (homemade - I will also be posting this recipe in the next few days) I have been desperate to get back into working out all week, and it was totally worth it! I feel great now that I've got my endorphins rushing around my body once again, and I'm looking forward to completing the challenge. If any of you guys have (like me) had to take some time out from the challenge, join me and get back into it. You started for a reason, or maybe multiple reasons, so don't quit just because life has got in the way. Get straight back into it with me now and we can do this together. If you are sitting there reading this you are obviously still interested so don't just read the blog posts, get off your butt and workout. Thinking-about-going-to-the-gym-burns-between-0-and-0-calories-250x177 Stop thinking, start doing. Go for it guys!

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