Day 24: I don't know how I survived that workout, but I'm loving these endorphins!

I skipped the rest day for day 23 because I felt full of energy today and was craving a workout, and went straight on to day 24. I've said this about a few workouts throughout the challenge, but this one now has the crown for being the hardest so far. I am actually quite shocked that I managed to survive the workout! I felt exhausted even after the first round! I can't choose my favourite exercise from this workout because I loved every single part of it, and my body feels amazing now. I'm actually even typing faster because I'm on such a high from it. The endorphins are flying around my body! my-drug-is-endorphins_design For those of you who are fairly new to working out, you may not understand what endorphins are. Well endorphins are basically your body's natural feel good chemicals. They are among the brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. They are produced as your body's response to stress, fear or pain, and work as natural painkillers. They are released for many reasons, with possibly the most commonly known reason being exercise. They result in feelings of euphoria and generally lowered feelings of stress, which is why after a workout you get that 'post workout glow'. Enjoy it! You've earned it. tumblr_mcvuxk6Frd1rpklzm On the note of feeling happy, I'm really pleased with how I ate today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Tomato soup (on the go so I had a flask with me) Dinner: Mediterranean salmon on a bed of kale (from the Catching Fire guide) I loved the salmon recipe last time I made it, so couldn't wait to do it again, and it was even better the second time round! I'm feeling amazing! I've eaten great food today and worked my butt off exercising so I feel on top of the world. Go release your endorphins now guys! Get up and go workout.    

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