Day 24: Willpower Needed

Day 24 With a rest day yesterday I was ready for a hard hitting workout. That is exactly what I got. Wow! Today I needed some serious willpower and cheering to get me through. As soon as I saw Melissa I was like “Oh snap this is going to be HARD!” Oh boy was I right, with just four moves Melissa had we panting and completely spent. Let’s begin with “Surfers” an intense full-body move made to chisel the abdominals. I have seen this move before and am in search of “surfer abs” for myself so it truly was the perfect move for me. Now I know why surfers have such incredible abs because jumping to stand on the board if super hard! Each move in this series was harder than the last and I had to use my willpower to get through the last round of this workout. Have you ever noticed how visualization and willpower can get you through even the hardest of workouts? I want surfer abs (a lean and flat six-pack) so during the Challenge today I visualized the abs I want, to keep me going. I seriously pushed myself further than I have in the past and I didn’t stop, not once. What kind of things do you tell yourself to keep going? I say “You can do this,” or “I got this” It is hard to change the voice in your head from negative to positive but if you can you can be unstoppable. I love how this Challenge is pushing me to new heights, I have also been doing an addition workout everyday on top of the Challenge and I can feel myself burning calories all day long. I feel like I’m in great shape and it’s just getting better every day. I’m not trying to show off because I still have a ways to go before I have attained my goal but I am proud of myself for sticking with this Challenge and pushing myself. You should feel great to, we have completed 24 days of the 30 Day Challenge and we aren’t quitting now. Bring on day 25!!!

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