Day 4: Don't give up (Natalie)

Today was the hardest day so far on the challenge. I didn't struggle a lot, but definitely noticed a difference in my attitude towards working out, I wasn't looking forward to it as much as I have been on the other days. Regardless of this I pushed myself and loved it! I always feel fantastic after a workout so it was definitely worth pushing myself. I got a great sweat on today, day 4 definitely pushed me. My favourite move was the push up and leg, I've always liked this move with The Daily Hiit. I only had to stop twice to catch my breath during the whole workout, and I'm really happy with that. I had to make a small change to one of the moves as I don't have a dip station, so I just did crunches (sit ups) instead. It was difficult as my legs and stomach muscles are still aching from the other days, but I'm really happy because I'm already starting to notice small changes in my stomach, yay! 007 I didn't make the healthiest choices after lunch today, and will get back on track tomorrow. I'm not going to let a slip stop me. If you slip up you just get straight back into eating healthily. Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Green vitality smoothie (from the Nutrition guide) Snack: Hot chocolate Lunch: Homemade meatballs and a small amount of gluten free pasta Fall-off-wagon I'm really excited because my Fiance has started to join me on this challenge, and I love working out together because we keep each other going when one of us is struggling. Do you have a workout partner? Even if they aren't physically with you while you workout, just having someone to speak to before/after your workout can really push you to keep going. Tomorrow is a day off, enjoy it, but don't let a day off make you stop the challenge. Get straight back into it on Monday and keep pushing yourself.

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