Day 4 Week 1 of The 30 Day Challenge - Wish You Would Workout

Hi Bodyrockers, Lisa -Marie here :) Day four is upon us already and we only have one more day to push through to have completed a whole week, but the challenge is still to come. With the weekend comes temptation to snack on naughty foods that we all know do not support our training or compliment the week of effort we have all just put in. So now is the time to start to get your meals prepared for the weekend & most importantly - stick to them, as by monday we will be into week two and really starting to see a difference. My Power Word today was my mum xx - I am constantly inspired by the posts from bodyrockers who are still following our workouts everyday and pushing their boundaries even when life throws them a curve ball.. No Excuses ! No Complaining ! Just Pure Effort ! ‎This particular post from my Facebook page inspired me... "some encouragement for those who say they are hard. . .I have fibromyalgia, the weakest wrists that keeps getting worse, i have depression like a son of bitch, nothing is going right in my life, lost my mother, decreased hours at body feels like its in a shut down mode, my bones are stiff as hell, my skin hurts to touch, i have insomnia (i am happy to be in bed by 3am). . . . .but when I bodyrock, I feel brand new! renewed, reenergized, refocused. . . .my hands hurt like crap but i modify and modify and modify until i feel a burn. . . i am not trying to give you a sob story because I am all smiles thru the BS I'm js saying, PUSH YOURSELF!! Don't say it looks hard, don';t think it's hard, JUST DO IT!! modify it. . .embrace it. . its 2012 and we are all going to get healthier! I have faith in all of you awesome bodyrockers!!! - Mo Merrell" We get 100's of posts like the one above here on BodyRock.Tv and on the facebook page everyday. I wanted to say a BIG Thank you for taking the time to share your personal stories and posts, it certainly helps keep me motivated and driven, and from the feedback out there, I am not the only person who feels this way. Today's 'Plyo, Cardio and Strength Workout' that consists of 4 exercises that you will repeat 3 x through. You will need your Dip Station and to set your interval timers to 10/50 for 12 rounds. [wobreakdown] Workout Breakdown: Burpees + Push-up Reverse Pull Ups using the Dip Station Triple Plank Jumps High Knees using the Dip Station The 30 Day Programme can be found below: (click here for a downloadable version) P.S. Freddy here :) We got a lot of requests for simpler routines to follow so we listened to your feedback and will be creating easier to follow workouts that still deliver heart pounding brutality :) If you are enjoying our workouts please show your support by "liking" this post above right under the main image. Keep Rocking! Tomorrow we have a 400 Rep challenge to finish off your week in style & Sean's Back & Bicep weighted workout will give you an extra burn ! Enjoy your Workout

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