Day 4 Week 2 of The 30 Day Challenge - Bringing Sexy Back Workout

Hi Bodyrockers, Decisions is my power word of the day today. Watch the video for my pep talk on the kinds of decisions each of us can make to start to make the kinds of changes that will best support our training. It's really important that you guys start to get your heads around the idea that these workouts make you feel loads better. Yes thats right - they are fun and they make you feel & look better. If you are pushing to your individual max effort all of the noise and chatter from your day will just disappear and your mind will quiet down. Stress will sweat out of your body. A BodyRocker on my Facebook suffers from depression, but BodyRocking is part of her therapy and helps her feel alive and gives her energy for her day. She asked me if I was a naturally upbeat person - this is what I wrote back to her: I think I am just of an age and in a place where I am happy with who I am and have just come to terms with the fact that somedays I feel fatter, some thinner, some prettier, some not so much, I think I have been blessed with amazing friends who I truly wouldn't be who I am without and a great family, and I have had to learn some life lessons along my path and had moments of real sadness and loss and total desperation looking for some answers as to why things happen ... and I really can only offer you what I have learnt, Look after those you love and always be true to yourself & if you are a good person good things will happen to you... I am always positive and since loosing my mum I count everyday a blessing, I never want to be miss world, and I know there are a million people out there who would kick my ass at most things everyday, but I can honestly say I am never happier than when I can help someone or be part of something really positive that makes a change, and you can't be sad when you read the comments here, I feel blessed to have so many amazing people joining me everyday and seeing results .... just love yourself and love those around you and make everyday count !! .. xx Lisa-Marie Today we are hitting the cardio hard again, We are pushing through week two and we can see the finish & our well deserved rest days are in sight so don't give up now :). Just one more day to go. Let's do this !! [wobreakdown] Lisa-Marie's Cardio Workout: Set your interval timer to 10/50 for 12 rounds. You need to complete the following 4 exercises 3 time through. Press up Burpee + Plyometric Jump (or squat/tuck jump) Star Single Toe Touch Abs Sit Squat & Jump using the Pink Sandbag Ugi Ball Mountiain Climbers x 10 & Ugi Ball Toe Touch's x 10 Make sure you get your scores below :) & join us on Facebook for constant updates ! If you are just joining us on the 30 Day workout, don’t worry. All you need to do is start with the fit test (below), write down your scores and then join us everyday to make positive steps to change and improve your lifestyle by choosing the right foods that support your training and following the programme that can be found using the link below. The Fit Test can be found here Enjoy your workout today :), see you tomorrow for the 600 Rep Workout & the last Weighted Session of the week from Sean. Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie

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