Day 4 Week 4 The 30 Day Challenge - Stronger Workout

Hi Bodyrockers, Accomplished is today's Power Word. Just getting off the sofa and choosing to take part is an accomplishment in itself. You have made a conscious decision to change your lifestyle and join a community who together support, motivate, and drive each other every single day. That's why we BodyRock - its not just a workout, it's a support network of people who workout out together & create lifetime friendships along the way. Just think of us as the worlds biggest gym class :D. It's amazing to think that wherever you are in the world, there is probably someone out there working out with you. Never loose the passion to just TRY .... as long as you try and give it your best, you will never be disappointed with anything you do. If there are things you still have to accomplish, don't worry, those targets are well within your reach, over time you will improve and grow and see changes, just give it time, keeping rocking it with us and you will accomplish your goals :) P.S. Be sure and watch Lisa's interview video where she talks about the challenges of being the BodyRock.Tv host and how she deals with negativity. The video is at the end of the post :) Lisa's Workout Video: Todays Workout
Set Your interval timer to 10/30. You will complete the following exercises once through as fast as you can performing as many reps as possible within the 30 seconds with a 10 second rest period. This looks easy ?  if you go all out and push to your maximum, you will defiantly feel the burn :)). The amazing thing about Bodyrocking is that even if you are away, or don’t have an interval timer, these circuits can be performed by reps e.g, 10 reps of the exercise + 50 skips etc… that’s what BodyRocking is all about, because its so flexible, and with just a little bit of creativity and determination it can be adapted to suit your fitness level and environment. There is never an excuse to miss your favourite workouts! Get mixing it up & seeing the results so many people have already achieved in only a few weeks with us !! The Workout: Workout Breakdown: 1 Push-up + Burpee + Tuck Jump *High Knees Skip Switch Lunge (Modification using the Pink Sandbag) *High Knees Skip Press up with Spider Knee (Modification with the Dip Station or EqualizerStability Ball for feet) *High Knees Skip High Knees x 10 + Mountain Climbers x 10 *High Knees Skip Side Burpee & Oblique Abs *High Knees Skip Push-up + Side Plank Twist + Oblique Drop (Using the Indian Clubs for extra Resistance) *High Knees Skip V Abs Left (Using the Indian Clubs for extra Resistance) *High Knees Skip V Abs Right (Using the Indian Clubs for extra Resistance) *High Knees Skip Hug Knees + Star Jack (Modification using the Pink Sandbag) *High Knees Skip Single Toe Touch Abs (Modification using the Pink Sandbag) *High Knees Skip Squat Jump (Modification using the Pink Sandbag) *High Knees Skip 1/2 Burpee + 1 Push-up *High Knees Skip This is the last workout of the challenge so make it count !!! Make it tough !!! - Show yourself what you got !!! *The 30 Day Programme – click here for a downloadable version of the schedule. Want to be part of the community ? Here are our pages so you can connect with us personally & share your food, get constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated and stay focused : Lisa-Marie’s page: click here Sean’s page: click here Freddy’s page: click here Make sure and connect with us and leave us your questions, comments and suggestions, we reply as soon as we can :) Enjoy it... that's the key !! Let's do this !!! Let's BodyRock. Lisa's Interview on the challenges of being the BodyRock Host and how she deals with negativity:

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