Day 5: Sexy Booty Shape Up

Workout Break Down Set your interval timer to 12 minutes. 50 Seconds Work / 10 Second Rest minute rest in between rounds. 1. 5 Jump Squats Jump Over Bag using the Sandbag 2.  Single Leg Burpee 3. 5 Pulse Squats Close Base 5 Deep Squats Wide Base 4. Fly PushUps 5. Toe Touch Half Burpee 6. Sand Bag Row using the Sandbag Or Reverse Pull Up using the Equalizer Ay Up, Lisa here… So, I am sat uploading today’s video - Yes! – As I wait for the 40 or so minutes for the upload to complete I am always doing a mixture of two things really. It’s normally, A) Going through the internet looking for inspiration – mainly new & innovative things that we could use in the future to try to help motivate and keep it the pages as fresh as possible - I tend to have paper everywhere covered in stick men lol – which at the time shows my representation of said exercise, normally altered to use the sandbag etc. and with the scribble of a stick man I am excited to get filming and share it & happy that I have been inspired, which will in turn inspire others - and of course I am almost 100% going to remember everything about this moment in time as I have just produced an ‘’amazing’’ and ‘’detailed’’ drawing right? ….. No. Not even close…  The reality is - when I return to that exact piece of paper, it just looks like a giant mess of a stick man lol who seems to be body popping over the page holding something that looks like a giant animal with some crazy hair and a huge smile ha. I am constantly looking & designing ideas for the pages, maybe giveaway ideas etc. or researching anything new on the market either diet wise or food/exercise/advertising related just incase someone might ask about it or wants some tips or advice etc. or if they just require a kick up the ass that day in the form of a picture or quote that may have caught my eye along the way (how I find it on the mess that is my desktop I don’t know but somehow its organized chaos and I always do lol) & then there’s B) Looking through the glossy magazine’s online (as I always do, trying to just keep my mind occupied for the 40 or so minutes while the video is being completed on You Tube) Constantly being drawn into the headlines & stories that day about how this celebrity is now too fat, and this celebrity is too thin and this one is crazy, even though a day ago she was ‘‘fabulous’’ & yes, we all look like that when we are shopping for milk :D.. That’s real life! Anyway, what I wanted to share today was that I realized how I have changed as a person since doing BodyRock. A year ago I would have happily gave opinions and commented on a story or replied to a comment without thinking for a moment about what I was saying or what impact it might have on the person, let alone that they could come across my reply at any point - To them was just another face, on another gossip site, that they didn’t even acknowledge right? Now don’t get me wrong, I would never say anything horrible about anyone - but as always in life with news paper headlines etc. it seems that it’s always the rudest, harshest, most ‘’out there’’ comments that draw you into the impulse of debate right? And I suppose just doing that in its self was enough to promote & keep that negative thread alive and those comments that we would never condone in person in the light for much longer than they should be. I just want to train (as always) and motivate people (as always) but I also have things I want for myself, and honestly, if I wanted to do them it was inevitable that I either had to share the journey, stop being online everyday or just hide it; which would make me really uncomfortable as I wouldn’t want to hide anything I did everyday - if I’m in, I’m in 100%! So I chose A, and Oh My Goodness - some days I think this is the worst thing I could have possibly done, but inside my heart its 100% who I am so I have to stand my choice as I have never hidden behind my faults or tried to be strong if I needed to cry & I try to be as open and honest I can be, despite the comments and opinions on my life/lifestyle or appearance. The fact is, I am aware that I filled HUGE shoes and I try everyday to do it by being myself & that’s all I can do, & I know that if you spent one day with me you would see that I am who I am and I don’t try to be anything I am not, but I refuse not live as I please; that’s who I am & what you will continue to see everyday on my Facebook Page - the good the bad and the ugly – All In 100%! As I see it, If I was going to have a personal trainer pushing me on I would want someone to be totally honest with me and tell me how it is. I am in your living rooms everyday I have to expect that what I share will have opinions and debate attached to it & I can totally relate to people making themselves feels better by changing their hair, looks, styles etc.… but I could never relate to fake, and I am not fake. I may have shared things with you that you don’t approve of, and I totally understand that part, and I am really happy to hear the comments you have on it & also tell you the good and bad parts to all of the above, but that’s not fake - that’s my journey, my real life @ that moment being put out there for you to share. I am online 24 hours a day reading, replying, trying to motivational even when I can’t even train and feel rubbish – I am in a transition stage right now of getting my fitness back to the level I was @ before I came to train with you all & it’s great as its pushing me everyday, but also its so hard to keep motivated when u feel your giving more than you are getting back (you know how those days go lol). As a skinny boyish type figure it takes BodyRocking with a decent weight everyday & really good meals to keep my body from looking even smaller (esp. my ass… where has that gone lol… I’m all over it don’t you worry lol) - so it takes double to effort on the crappy days to be in front of the camera, but I do it because I really do love training with you all and really do want to see you reach your goals and push yourself as hard as possible J & also see that this is real life… we lose weight, we gain weight, we have injuries and medical procedures that hinder or progress, but we KEEP GOING right… Right!!! I guess this post has been hidden inside me for a while, and it was only last night when I spoke to a dear friend about why I seemed to be attacked online so much was when I decided to just share with you how I felt as I would have done a year ago with no hesitation. I am sure there are BodyRockers all over who are going through things like this in their own lives too, so I wanted to let you know that I get it, life isn’t perfect but it can be if you surround yourself with the right people who support and motivate you to be the best version of you – no matter what that version may take! I feel very blessed to have love ones in my life who remind me of this everyday. Support each other everyday & let’s move as a Team Effort through your daily workouts - Posting your scores and share your advice & if you need help, try being brave and putting yourself out there like I did today. I promise, I will all be right there helping you back on the wagon J Enjoy your day L xx Ps,  BIG NEWS !!!! - On my Facebook Page I am giving away an iphone5 to celebrate the 150k milestone :). The comp is only a few days long so to take part you have to 'Like' the page as we are only 500+ people away from the 150K milestone celebration - Don't miss out :). 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