Day 7 of 21 Day Challenge: Rage Against The Vagine

Day 2 in the war against my uterus, and thank god that it’s a rest day, because my body is having none of it. None of what? Anything. Far too hormotional and crampy to do anything except curl up and watch a good bad movie. No it’s not “Magic Mike”, but only because it’s not available on Netflix. I would though, REALLY like to know how everyone is doing with this challenge. For the Catching Fire one there was a lot of people blogging, but I’m all on my lonesome blog-wise for this one. I’d love to know if I’m being at all helpful, if you’re having troubles of your own, or if you’re just killing it like a beast-mode fit bit. Also, let me know what you want to hear from me: more recipes? More photos? Less whining? More limericks? I’m a feedback junkie, so let me know. There’s two more weeks to go, so let’s make it an awesome two weeks, team! WORKOUT: Not a blessed thing. I would love to have stayed active on this rest day, I really would, but I am currently shedding my uterus’s lining, I hope you understand bodyrockers, sincerely, MK’s raging womb. FOOD: My breakfast was the last oatmeal banana morning muffin, definitely going to have to make more of those soon. But not today! Today I cushion my reproductive organs with a hot water bottle and wait for my emotions to return to a normal state. For lunch I had a peanut butter cup protein smoothie, because peanut butter and chocolate make everything better. Then I picked up my grandma and aunt from the airport and we went to Fionn Maccool’s for dinner, where I had a beet salad without the cheese. Then tea with my grandma, aunt, and cousins – my grandma was appalled that I didn’t have cookies in the house. (“You can’t have tea without a cookie!” “I can whip up something with medjool dates, maybe?”) Okay, I have to say, for being a raging hormotional mess I have done a pretty good job of eating healthy today, which doesn’t make up for my lack of activity, but is still an accomplishment that I’m going to acknowledge.

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