Day in Day Out Health and Fitness Effects Those Around You

Living a healthy lifestyle effects those around you even if you don't know it. My husband says that when I work out and really take care of myself I am a much happier person. It also effects him, I feel like my working out encourages him to take the time when he is home to also get a work out in. Another effect of a healthy lifestyle is that while doing one part of healthy living the other seems to follow. If I put my all into getting up everyday and working out, I also find myself trying to eat better. This also effects my husband, since getting pregnant if I am craving pizza and wings he is on board to have that too. If I make healthier decisions for our dinner options he has no problem with eating what I make for dinner. Another area I feel that my healthy lifestyle effects my life is cost! Who can agree with me there? I love having the equipment to do daily hiit work outs. I also love having comfortable clothing that makes me feel good about myself and good about what I am doing ( a better sports bra girls always helps), but I have had to wait and buy my equipment piece by piece. I remember first starting out I really couldn't afford to buy anything. When I first started bodyrocking my mom bought my timer as a little gift for me. O how I love my timer!! Later on as I saved a couple bucks I then bought the equalizer  and then was gifted my Ugi Ball for a birthday! Each piece came more and more joy with being able to complete the workouts with the same equipment and same levels that Sean and Lisa did. Money definitely effected my fitness lifestyle, not that any body rock work out cant be modified with out equipment. If you don't have the money to buy the fun equipment you make do, you modify the work out, you use other things around the house to get by. One last way that living a healthy lifestyle has effected my life as of recent is PREGNANCY! So this is my first pregnancy and I had all the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that I would kick ass and take names (i.e. body rock it all the 9 months). The reality is that I'm tired! I don't feel the greatest! The holidays hit and I had house guests for 6 weeks! Basically I'm trying to tell you that I failed and those are my excuses why. Since we found out I was pregnant I have constantly been scanning Daily Hiit blog for articles regarding "working out while pregnant". I have been checking out health and fitness websites I subscribe to, seeking advice on the dos and don'ts of working out during pregnancy. The third way that  pregnancy has effected my health and fitness way of living is the food! Ah yes what happen to me telling you that I try to make healthy decisions not just for husband but now for baby! Well the food aversions in this pregnancy have been far crazier than even the cravings and some nights all I want to eat is fruit, corn on the cob and refried beans. I also have craved anything but water and I freaking love my water. These days I would much rather have fresh lemonade and weeks ago during the days of nausea I would sneak sips of cherry pepsi from my husband ( and I never ever drink soda!). So maybe I have gotten off topic here and on a rant of what pregnancy has done to my what was a healthy lifestyle but it comes down to all the effects in life. The way that some life events effect the way you want to live healthy and a healthy lifestyle effecting those around you by your everyday actions.

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