Day One: Officially Full Term & Kicking Ass!

  Today was a great day as I am officially 37 weeks pregnant! I started off my morning with protein pancakes and a dab of sugar free maple syrup. For lunch, I changed up the Mediterranean Salmon recipe and replaced the salmon for fresh Yellowtail Tuna. As far as exercise goes, I had been focusing on primarily cardio these days as my joints have softened due to the hormone called Relaxin. My last time lifting were weighted squats at 36 weeks. From this point on, I am going to the gym 3-4 days per week and climbing stairs and walking the elliptical on high incline for 45 minutes to keep these going. Last night, I noticed my body changing-lower back pains & lower abdomen cramps; as well as a dull achy pelvic floor. Fun, right? But I am making it! My goals for the 30 Day BodyRock Challenge is to cleanse my body and physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for my impending drug-free birth. I believe this challenge will not only help prepare me, but to keep me on track after giving birth and transforming my postpartum body. So I am checking in for Day One at 142lbs-22lbs total gained since becoming pregnant. My pregnant belly is measuring around 35 inches.

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