Days 11 & 12: I found a new love of rock climbing and then got my butt kicked by Hiit

This weekend I did things the wrong way round, basically I didn't get a chance to workout on day 11 so I had that as my rest day and did my Daily Hiit workout on day 12 instead. On day 11 it was my friend's Birthday and a group of us went rock climbing with her. I had never been so was very anxious as I have a big fear of heights, but I had such an amazing time that I now can't wait to get back there. Rock climbing is fantastic! I've written a blog post about it to give you all a little more info, and I strongly recommend that you find your nearest climbing centre and go try it out. indoor-rock-climbing-1a I spent all of day 11 with my friend for her Birthday, and then popped home before going out with her in the evening. I very rarely drink so didn't have any alcohol (which is obviously good for the 30 day challenge too), but I didn't get a chance to workout, well apart from the rock climbing, which did seriously take a lot of my energy. I ate well yesterday: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Soup (I took a flask with me) Snack: Apple and pear (I took these with me too) Dinner: Homemade meatballs, sweet potato mash and green beans Yesterday was a brilliant day, and although I didn't manage to fit in a Daily Hiit workout I still definitely got a great workout from the rock climbing. Although the way my muscles are feeling it seems like my body hates me right now, I know it's feeling good that I'm taking such great care of it. workout-motivation-quotes Today, day 12 I was aching a little from the rock climbing, but was raring to go as I knew I had to swap my day off. Nothing could have prepared me for how hard this workout was though! It kicked my butt, seriously, I had to lay on the floor for about five minutes afterwards to compose myself. I don't think I have ever felt like that after a workout, that's when you know it was a great one. I didn't have to do any modifications today because I only needed a sandbag, but boy did I struggle. The squats 'rest time' broke me, I have fairly strong legs but that made me feel like my legs were tiny twigs struggling to hold my body up! Squat form how to do squats_thumb[3] My favourite move was either the side lunge jump squat or the walking dragon, both pushed me really hard and so I can't decide between the two. I have made a note of these moves though because then I can include them in any workouts I create for myself. I suggest you guys do this too, make a note of any moves that really push you so that you can remember them and work on them. If you work on them then you will improve. Even my Fiance struggled today, he's been following the challenge with me and so far hasn't found it too bad, but today even he had to stop to catch his breath. Neither of us gave up though, and that's the important thing. No matter how much you are struggling don't give up. Modify if you need to, but don't quit. I ate well again today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Soup Dinner: Gammon steak, sweet potato and corn on the cob (no butter etc) I'm feeling great with this challenge, and now that I've found another activity I love that also happens to be great for fitness I know that my body is going to continue to improve. keep-going-1024x751 Keep going guys, you've done fantastically well to get this far.  

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