Days 16 - 21: Tonsillitis decides to interrupt, but not stop my 30 day challenge

I'm feeling pretty frustrated right now. On day 16 (a rest day) I made the most of not doing a workout as I felt drained. I put it down to the fact that I hadn't been getting enough sleep throughout the challenge - as I had mentioned in an earlier post, but when I woke up on day 17 with a really sore throat I took a trip to the doctors and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. I can't explain how disappointed I felt because, not only did I know that this was going to mean that I would be feeling pretty rubbish for the next week or so, but the doctor also instructed me to rest until I finish the course of antibiotics. That meant no 30 day challenge! I actually was less bothered about feeling ill than I was about the thought of not being able to workout. Although it's only been just over two weeks it has become a part of my daily routine and I actually looked forward to doing the workouts each day and seeing the results. I've been advised to rest for at least a week, so that should mean that I can get back to following the 30 day challenge on day 24. Obviously though I will start off where I left it...back on day 17. Although tonsillitis has interrupted my 30 day challenge I am absolutely not going to let it END it. You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it Life always throws obstacles in our way, it's how we deal with them that matters. Yes I know this is only tonsillitis and it's (thank god) not something major, but what I mean by that is that no matter what gets in the way of your path to success you should never give up. Whatever it is that gets in the way it's fine to take a break, as long as you don't give up completely. Get straight back into it. I'm going to be so fired up to get back into the challenge when I finish my antibiotics, I can't wait! Something that is making it even harder for me to deal with is the fact that my Fiance is continuing to do the 30 day challenge workouts while I'm taking this break. I'm so proud that I have got him into these workouts though because he too is seeing results already and it's so great to see how happy he is. abs-are-made-in-the-kitchen-apron_design While I am resting up I have still been eating clean, but I have found that it is so much easier to find the motivation to eat clean when you are working out as well. Something about the feeling of working out somehow makes you want to actually eat healthier, it's as though your body recognises that you are exercising and tells you that healthy food accompanies that better than anything else. I'm really having to focus on what I eat though because I don't want to undo all of my hard work. I won't bore you with the breakdown of what I have eaten over the past few days, but although I can't follow the workouts I am still going to continue to blog about my journey through the challenge. I will just complete it slightly later than everyone else. Because I am relying on my diet to not let the achievements I have made so far in the challenge slip I am really focussing on what I eat, and will be searching for new clean eating recipes to make and review for you guys. If you too have fallen off the challenge, for whatever reason, join me in getting back into it. Let's do this together. Don't forget that even if you get off track with your workout, stay on track with your diet. Click here to get those abs!   

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