Days 19 & 20: I thought I didn't need a rest day, but I was so wrong!

I woke up yesterday, day 19, with no intention of resting and, because I had taken a week off due to illness I already had the workouts right up to day 25, so I decided to swap the days and do the day 20 workout on day 19. My legs did not appreciate this! The workout was seriously hard. I was already aching from day 18 and didn't realise just how hard day 20 was going to push me. I didn't regret not taking the rest day as I was supposed to, but after I finished the workout I did understand why it was scheduled for then! My favourite move from the workout was the press up squat. It looks pretty easy but it manages to work every part of your body in just one exercise, and it's now officially one of my favourites. I've found so many new moves in this 30 day challenge! I love it! I don't have a dip station yet so I just did a tuck jump for the knee up part of the second exercise in the routine followed by the legs over and lunge. This worked for me so I'm happy. This workout was one of my favourites so far! I'm feeling great with this challenge and I'm loving the differences I'm seeing in my body. Even with a week off for tonsillitis I can still very much see an improvement, and I'm not going to stop after the challenge. It's important to keep going. It's easy to complete the challenge and think about going back to your old ways, but then it would be a waste. Your body won't stay the way it looks thanks to the challenge if you don't keep up the workouts, so keep it going. live-the-rest-of-your-life-as-a-champion I ate well yesterday despite not feeling very hungry all day: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Tomato soup Dinner: Chicken stir fry Yesterday was a great day and I went to bed felt so good. 001c183a98b02d0dcdf368195f72948ed6cf1b9a396926205837c9a347969d49 Today, day 20 I decided that I did need that rest day after all. I ached all over my legs and butt, and although I love that feeling, I realised that my muscles were screaming this morning and that I did need the rest day...albeit a day late. Rest is just as important as working out because it gives your body time to repair and recover. It's sometimes hard to accept that you need to take a break for a day, but I knew what my body was telling me today, and I listened to it. It is hard when you start seeing results to take a step back and not to keep pushing yourself to do extra workouts, but rest is vital to improving your body. tumblr_inline_mpsgxzCNED1qz4rgp I ate well again today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Tomato soup followed by a greek yoghurt with blueberries and pecan nuts sprinkled in it Dinner: Steak with sweet potato and asparagus The greek yoghurt mixture tastes like a treat, but it's actually protein packed and healthy...yay! I'm eating well and working out hard, and I can see the results. It feels great! I can't wait to complete this challenge and see my before and after pictures next to each other! You're so close to the end now, push yourself and give it all you've got so that you can see the best results possible. Remember not to stop when the challenge stops though.

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