Days 28 & 29: Yet another workout that kicked my butt....then yoga saved me!

I actually can't believe that tomorrow I will finish the challenge! I'm a little behind most of you due to having to take a week off for tonsillitis, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I didn't give up, and I'm going to complete the 30 day challenge tomorrow! I'm ridiculously excited! For those of you who are a little late in the challenge like me I must let you know that that today's workout was a great one! If you haven't already done it, what are you waiting for? Go! This workout, day 29, kicked my butt and I was surprised I could stand by the time it finished. It felt amazing! I followed it up with the yoga from day 28 as I've found a new love of combining a workout with a yoga flow because the yoga helps to relax my muscles afterwards. It truly is a great combination. My favourite exercise from the workout today was also the one I hated most...the frogs. This, like many other Daily Hiit exercises, looks fun and easy, but don't be misled; it burns! I could almost feel the fat melting off my legs as I did it. I did struggle today and had to stop a few times to catch my breath, but I didn't quit. I have a goal, a dream, to achieve, and I am going to achieve it! We've come this far, nothing can stop us now. If you've been following the 30 day challenge then you, like I, will have realised that you are now able to do things you couldn't when it first began. ba64c947be9477f562639d7158a09bc0 To begin with I really struggled with the working rest throughout the workouts, but I actually found that was something I didn't struggle with today. I've obviously become stronger and have built more stamina. I'm so proud to be able to say (and do) that. What differences have you noticed? Perhaps you couldn't complete the full 12 minutes to begin with, but now you can. Or maybe you couldn't do a squat without feeling like your legs were giving up on you, but now you do them regularly. Whatever it is you've achieved that you couldn't do at the beginning of the challenge, that is a reason to be proud! But don't let it stop there. Each time you achieve one of your targets, push the goal further back and work towards that new goal. You may think, or you may have even been told by other people, that your dream is unrealistic. DO NOT LISTEN to that voice whether it's in your head or coming from someone else. You CAN achieve your dreams...The Daily Hiit is here to help you achieve your fitness dreams one day at a time. As for your other dreams, go for them too! One thing I've found is that working out has given me far more confidence and that I'm now a happier person with a much more positive outlook on life. I hope it's done that for you too. Do not quit on your dreams...if you put in the effort you will get there. Yes it will take time, but nothing worth having ever came easily! 251650_10151107060801849_1150926405_n I ate very well again today: Breakfast: Porridge Lunch: Tomato soup (I was on the go so took it in a flask) Snack: Protein peanut butter cup Dinner: Chicken breast with carrots and green beans I'm feeling on top of the world knowing that tomorrow I get to complete the challenge! I can't wait to take my 'after' photos and my measurements. Whether you've finished the challenge or not, keep pushing with whatever workouts you are doing. It will be worth it!

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