How to Deal With Insomnia During Pregnancy

Who would have thought that pregnancy would have brought along this terrible symptom? Before I became pregnant, I would have never guessed that insomnia would be a part of pregnant life. After all, it is the hormone Progesterone that causes it, mixed with many discomforts.
With much trial, error, and sleepless nights, I decided to put some solutions to the test. Here is what worked for me during my pregnancy:
A Pregnancy Pillow
YES! Please invest in one of these. The GOOD kind, do not skimp on price because it will matter. If you were a tummy sleeper like I was, this comes in handy. I like to lay semi-sideways with my leg propped up on the pillow with a pillow behind my back, and a pillow beneath my head.
Chamomile tea helps soothe your nerves, leaving you feeling calm. My favorite night time tea is called Sleep Time from Celestial Seasonings. You can buy this at any drug store or Walmart. It has a slight minty flavor to it and actually tastes pretty good. I make a small cup so I wont have to add another bathroom trip to my nightly routine.
A warm bath helps me unwind. I add bubbles to take my bath from ordinary to downright fun. I lay back, play a little soothing classical music, and turn my mind off. I use a lavender bath soap which has soothing properties and that usually does the trick.
Back Rub
When all else fails, my sweet husband gives me a back rub to ease the tension and pains. Do not be afraid to ask your partner for one. If you are alone, try laying in bed and rubbing your forehead or the sides of your temples.
Disconnecting from Media
Yes. This is a biggie.
My job as a blogger keeps me glued to my laptop and cell phone almost 24/7. At times I must remind myself to TURN OFF! I have to tell myself that it can all wait tomorrow. I tend to be one of those stay up making the next day's to do list types-very type A personality.
This is my favorite. I do a yoga sleep sequence and stretch my muscles very well. This keeps me from feeling tight from the pains at night. During pregnancy, you will feel stiff as a board! Meditate or pray. Breathe. Silence... I could fall asleep now!
These are just a few ways to help cure insomnia that growing a baby will cause. I hope this will help each and every one of you!
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