Dear 4 Year Old Me, Keep That Tutu

I remember when I was around 4 my mom and dad put me into ballet classes. When it came time for my first recital, I was so excited to wear my royal blue sequined leotard with matching tutu, and a swipe of my mother's red lipstick. Despite my enthusiasm for getting to dress up, I had what felt like two dozen butterflies churning in my stomach. I was beyond nervous, and I let that nervousness guide me into quitting ballet. Now that I'm older, I wish that I would have stuck with ballet... especially since it's now become one of the latest fitness trends! Not only would I have made exercise an integral part of my life, but I would have been ahead of the trend, and who doesn't like that? But seriously, I really do wish I would have kept going to ballet. Having a physically demanding activity as a hobby from such a young age is a great way to ensure that physical fitness is a lifelong habit. Additionally, it helps kids learn how to stick with something for the long run. Once we're adults trying to add physical fitness to our routine, the hardest part is sticking with it. Making it a habit from the beginning is much easier. Sometimes it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Not impossible... just hard. So, if you have kids, encourage them to stick with some sort of hobby that is physically active. They'll thank you once they're grown. If only I had a time machine!

Did you participate in sports or other activities as a child? Do you still?

  Photo courtesy: my mom ;)

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