We Debunk the Top 3 Total Marriage Myths

There is a lot of speculation about marriage which can prevent a lot of people from "taking the plunge". But what many don't know about marriage, is that a lot of what you hear are myths. Like all relationships, married couples have ups and downs. Here are the top 3 marriage "facts" that have turned out to be total bogus: Myth 1: Half of all marriages end in divorce cut-family-divorce This bleak 50/50 "stat" came from a projection made by the court system in 1970, when non-fault divorce became legal and the country saw a huge spike in the divorce rate. It is not an accurate measure of marriage success, and is not even up to date! According to the latest statistics, 30.8% of marriages end in divorce, a much lower number. Myth 2: Married sex sucks bad-sex On the contrary, research from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University proves people who have tied the knot have more sex than those who haven't. Loving and committed relationships help to increase sex drive and sexual pleasure! Myth 3: Kids make marriages happier and better children It's actually the opposite, as harsh as that sounds. Becoming a parent adds extra responsibilities and thus, extra stresses. While having children doesn't change how much couples love each other, it does change their stress level, often leading to a strained relationship. What do you think of these marriage myths? Share your opinions!

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