Deck of Cards Workout

You can do a whole lot more with a deck of cards than just gambling-you can do something more positive... like getting fit! I first got this idea after seeing Jamie Eason complete her own deck of cards workout! I know you are probably wondering how in the heck is that possible? Well, it's easy! Take a deck of cards and follow the suit below! For example, if you draw a Joker-you must do 50 burpees! You can play this game/workout as long as you want, but I usually do it for at least 15 minutes to get a good cardio & plyo workout in for the day. It is also a great workout to do when you are trapped in your house during a rainy day or in your hotel during vacation! The fun part is that you never know what you are going to draw next! Deck of Cards Workout Ace-Run 1 mile. Hearts- 30 Crunches Clubs- 45 Squats Diamonds- 20 Sit Ups Spades- 10 Push-Ups King-25 Butt Kicks Queen- 30 Tricep Dips Jack- 45 Lunges Joker-50 Burpees   Repeat and change as often as you would like!

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