Defining Charisma: Are You Born With It?

Charisma is one of the many attributes that defines who we are. Is charisma something your born with or is it something you can learn to refine? Research has discovered that it can be a little bit of both. charisma According to Aston University, a public research campus believes leaders are naturally born with it. Charisma links between the most powerful styles of leadership and the genes behind it. One specific technique known as transformational leadership is the "social-based style of leadership in which leaders motivate their teammates to reach their maximum potential through charisma, individual consideration, support and intellectual stimulation. Transformational leadership is essentially, the style of leadership that inspires people to act a certain way. Transformational leaders are genuinely enthusiastic, outgoing and super energetic. Not only are they entirely concerned and involved the process, but they're also heavily focused on helping each and every member of the group succeed. According to Katty Kay and Claire Shipman - authors and co-contributors for Business insider, some people are just "genetically wired". In regards to confidence, charisma combines both nature and nurture. Nature and nurture both play a huge factor in the manifestation of character traits but genetics do play a bigger role. Certain people are more inclined to be confident, depending on certain environmental factors during their upbringing. Surrounding yourself with the right people will influence charisma and enhance confidence. Do you believe you're born with charisma or is it something you can learn to refine?    

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