The 48 Hour Booty Burn Workout #2

Hi Guys, Welcome back to an all new workout sequence! Our friends at Degree are bringing you guys another 48 Hour Burn Workout targeting the legs and lower body including exercises that will sculpt and tone your butt, core and thighs. If you missed last weeks awesome workout targeting the booty you can go back and check it out here. Just like with the last routine, you can add this short intense workout to your regular training session as an add on to really burnout those larger, fat burning muscles in the legs. We call these the 48 Hour Burn workouts, because just like Degree’s Dry Spray Antiperspirant with 48 hours of superior protection - the after burn from these moves will keep you burning fat and calories at an impressive clip for up to 48 hours after you finish. Degree asked BodyRock host and Personal Trainer Brooke to share her favourite exercises for shaping and toning her lower body. Follow the routine for 12-15 reps per exercise and get ready to feel the burn.   Repeat the sequence 1x for beginners, 2x for intermediate and 3x for advanced BodyRockers.

Workout Breakdown:

1. Side Leg Lift:

bukMynMiLp0vcA_wdVxCI0HfQmURZpsj5n8L-DDHsao   rqufs1JQamo1yR3C5WUwa038G-DnckvfosGWPPX-NtI Brace your abs in tight, bring your bottom leg slightly in front of your top leg (let the inside of your top foot rest on the ground), and lift your leg up to the ceiling, keeping your hips stacked. Pulse your bottom leg up and down quickly for 15 reps and then change position and repeat on the other side.  

2. Cross/Cross/Open

lHTuZ0oe2iBYYxVJTXGdIphl1N-vszV60un213zlBUQ   2IMmaG-0fI1bq6abF48K0NwhWsPxG1jFvsTMKxzS2BU   lHTuZ0oe2iBYYxVJTXGdIphl1N-vszV60un213zlBUQ dMfMPG2YS1vVzGvp0Rl7uL2-FsJhEdALxc2yov22LzI Start flat on your back (really make sure your lower back stays in contact with the mat) legs up and crossed. Next open your legs just past hip width and then cross them again so that your opposite leg is now in front. The movement should be quick but controlled. Don't flail your legs - stay focused on the movement. After you have crossed each leg once open up both legs as wide as is comfortable to achieve a good stretch and then repeat from the top. Completing a cross, cross, open counts as 1 rep.  

3. Side Lunge

IebICCF-NfaAmLMcnZrFokwSfspRWDK0ZF_e-fAvApY erXHIl2LsmNya_xsUbeQOi2oYXgb-ZRTjKZmyPq-mTQ Stand with your feet and knees together. Take a large step with your right foot to the right side and lunge toward the floor. Make sure your right knee does not extend past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight. Push off through your right foot to return to the start to complete one. Do three sets of 15 on each side.  

4. Touch Down Squat

xqmEvh7bmgtnaTX3rgeW8lFsT3pSsE1eG9B_hJu_6jg H0HI-tlR9ieWT0EhOpKiAmbHAPxlZyDlVkcqwKswPZA bD8fM4gCUFDDHp7lMhG_ES_rr9diCY3X3jKBHw18LI8 Stand balanced with your feet slightly apart, your toes pointing forward and your arms by your side. Squat down then step back with your right leg in a deep reverse lunge, bringing both feet together to return to the squat and then repeat on the other side. Keep alternating sides. When you're in a squat position, bend your knees to 90 degrees, careful that your knees do not go over your toes. When your lunging back with one leg, tap your hand to the floor by your foot. Rising up from the floor, kick out as high as you can without losing your balance and then reset to begin the next rep. This exercise targets your quads, hamstrings, and gluts. Try for 15 on each side.  

5. Plie Squat

Brooke-Degree-2 (13 of 17) Brooke-Degree-2 (14 of 17)Brooke-Degree-2 (13 of 17)

Start with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, and your toes turned out about 45 degrees. Bend your knees, and lower your body straight down, keeping your hips under your shoulders and your back straight. Make sure your knees open over, but not past, your toes as they bend. Slowly straighten back up and then lower your heels. Be sure to keep your abs drawn in tight to help with your balance during this move.  

6. Frog Jump

Brooke-Degree-2 (16 of 17) Brooke-Degree-2 (17 of 17)   Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Quickly straighten your knees and push yourself upwards so your feet leave the ground. Land and repeat. It’s working when your calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes are firing in sequence to jump     Hard|Dry The lasting fat burning effects of this workout will stay with you for up to 48 hours – just like Degree’s Dry Spray Antiperspirant with 48 hours of superior protection.

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