Dermablend's Magic Trick

There’s a new interesting ad campaign from Dermablend, which puts a twist on the “natural beauty trend” that companies are trying to promote. We as a society generally put too much stock in physical beauty – but I don’t see society changing that anytime soon, so it’s nice that rather than being hypocritical, this cosmetics company promotes inner beauty in a new way. dermablend-hed-2014 Dermablend accepts the notion that image is important to society, to a degree, and that their corrective cosmetics, which are specially designed for people with mild to severe skin conditions, can reveal rather than conceal who you truly are. They feature two ladies who use the Dermablend brand, Cassandra Bankson and Cheri Lindsay, and filmed their personal stories in regards to make-up. Here’s Cassandra’s: And Cheri’s confession: Even though it sounds a bit contradictory, both Cheri and Cassandra bring up the concept of make-up being able to show who you truly are, rather than hiding it. Both videos end by urging other Dermablend users to film their own “camo confessions” describing how they “blend in to stand out”. Dermablend-3   And finally, Rico:  

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