Desiree's 200-Pound Weight Loss Journey

Desiree Richards received phenomenal results from a specific exercise and eating plan. She lost a whopping 200 pounds. We are giving you the inside scoop below. Her Lifestyle While Desiree grew up, food was her saviour, her best friend. She experienced a rough childhood. Her parents ended up splitting up when she was a little girl, and then her mom passed away when she was just 10-years-old. She then lived with her dad and stepmom, whom she found to be very controlling. While Desiree was living with them, her stepmom would watch every portion of food that she would put in her mouth, which in return allowed her to maintain a healthy weight. Desiree lived with her grandparents soon after and there were no rules that had to be followed when it came to eating, which led to her weight skyrocketing. She would find herself eating an entire bag of potato chips, pizza, ice cream, and sandwiches that are topped with mayo and cheese. She found herself to be eating as a mechanism for coping, in order to deal with any drama or other things involved in her life.  After four years, she went from 180 pounds and shot up to 320 pounds. After graduating high school, Desiree went onto college and continued with her habits of overeating. Halfway through her college experience, she decided to join a Christian-based leadership program that was meant for being emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy. Each day of the program, she gained all her weight back, including more due to not exercising and eating cafeteria food constantly.  She then decided it was time to try a weight-loss program, which sent her pre-portioned foods that would be ready for her to eat. That program was effective for her. She wasn't trying to lose the weight for herself, she was doing it for her friends and family who were a little concerned about her health. Following a year on this new plan, she had lost about 80 pounds, but she then gave up. The one thing she didn't like was eating the same foods day in and day out. She really missed using food as a mechanism for coping. She gained her weight back not long after. Her Big Change Desiree went to grad school after college, and she weighed in at 388 pounds at that time. Her friends and family were on her case to be healthy again, but she just couldn't do it. One day, she felt her heart racing for absolutely no reason. She didn't know if it was a panic attack from her weight. She ended up needing to go to the emergency room where she needed had to have her heart stopped and then restarted. It was such a scary experience for her. This is when reality set in. She knew something had to be done. Fast-forward six months, she found a Groupon for some boxing classes at a place called "Title Boxing". She had always wanted to try a boxing class as a stress reliever and to work out some emotions. She went to a gym and experienced her first class. It was hard, of course, but she signed up for a membership. She was ready. After she signed up, she started taking a group class 3-4 times per week. She loved all the support from the people in the class. She found it extremely motivating to be part of a class like that. A few weeks after she started working out, she had private sessions with a personal trainer who taught her more about nutrition. She made a plan with the trainer to consume 40 percent protein, 30 percent carbs, and 30 percent fat, but it must come from healthy sources. She then decided it was time to learn to cook! Keeping an eye on everything she was eating was very beneficial for her. She had to measure everything she ate, but it helped her keep track, especially with the app called "MyFitnessPal". It did take a few hours of her weekend, but the weight came off quickly. She quickly became in the habit of prepping meals. Desiree said the most hardest part was hitting her plateau, which happened a few times.  She had to change something up to overcome it. She decided that boxing and kickboxing was the route to go. She also added in workout classes 3-4 times per week, then 5-6 times for the gym. She added some weight-lifting, which also helped. Throughout a two-year journey, Desiree had lost 200+ pounds. She now weighs 178 pounds! Her Reward Desiree says that she is happy she can workout as much as she is able to. Exercise replaced her binge eating. She now works out instead of eating. Her confidence has heightened. Her size no longer holds her back from anything. She can do so much she never could before. Desiree's Tips Be Consistent - It can be hard at first, but she found to just stick with it. The results will be worthwhile very soon. Find a Workout You Enjoy - She states that a reason for her success is due to exercising in such a way that she couldn't get enough of. She enjoyed the energy of others she was surrounded by in her class. Meet Others With The Same Goals Find some people at the gym who are also trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. A support system is everything and can get you to stay on track. Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_100401" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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