Being At A Desk Doesn't Have To Mean Death For Your Fitness: Model Noah Mills Shows Us How To Make It Work

We all know how hard it can be to fit in workouts when you are swamped at work. And we all know that sitting for long periods can be disastrous for our health so what can we do to help ourselves? Noah Mills stopped by the Vogue offices during Fashion Week and helped to answer the question. Although he admits to hitting the gym from time to time, he credits his physique with being as active as he can, when and wherever he can. “I’m not shy,” says Mills. “[Working out] is the best tool to reset and sweat out whatever you need to sweat out.” His favourite move is the push up as it is easy to do just about anywhere. Mills admits that he has never worked out in an office but proves that with a little creativity, you can get the job done. Don't be shy and think outside of the box -- or cubicle... Inclined Desk Push-ups inclined desk pushups The Hulk the hulk Hallelujah hallelujah Chair Dip chair dips Keyboard Stretch keyboard stretch Raise The Roof raise the roof Seated Squat seated squat Take a look at Mills' workout video below:   Are you brave enough to go hard at the office when you can?  

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