Devastating New Health Data: More Americans Obese than Overweight

Despite the multi-billion dollar diet industry, access to health and fitness information, a rise in body weight & workout anywhere movements, and increased national attention to what is in the food supply, Americans have continued to gain weight at record levels. The journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA Internal Medicine, reports on a study that demonstrates there are now more obese than overweight adults in America. How many obese Americans is that? The results may shock you. Based on data collected from 2007 to 2012 by Washington University School of Medicine as part of an ongoing study by the CDC, 36 percent of 25- to 54-year-old women are now classified as obese, while 29 percent are considered overweight. Three out of four men are considered overweight. These studies are based on BMI and that calculation is not without its critics, but with 67.2 million people now classified as obese and another 65 million Americans falling into the overweight category, the results are fairly clear. The nation is losing the war against weight gain. And losing that war translates into increased strain on the healthcare system and a reduced quality of life for more and more Americans. These numbers are especially high for minority populations with African Americans at the highest rates of obesity among both men (39%) and women (57%). The greatest health risks come with extreme obesity (a BMI over 40) and in the African American community, 17% of black women and 7% of black men were classified as extremely obese. Of those labeled as Mexican Americans, 38% of men and 43% of women were obese. Among Caucasian Americans, 35% of men and 34% of women were obese. Where do you think greater responsibility lies, in the food supply or a more sedentary lifestyle? Are you gaining weight and looking for a workout that can shed pounds? Check out our Fat Burn Challenge - 20 Day Teaser workout!  

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