Developing Food Rituals May Be The Key To Your Healthy Eating

The best way to clean up your diet is to keep things simple. The fewer choices you have to make on your way to a healthy option, the better. This is where a food ritual can come in handy. The folks at Precision Nutrition describe food rituals as setting "aside a bit of time to prepare some healthy food in advance so that it’s ready, available, and convenient when you need it." Here's how they break that down:

The Sunday Ritual

This doesn't need to be done on Sunday, by the way. It can be any day that works for you. Whatever day you choose, set aside 2-3 hours and do the following: Look ahead to your upcoming schedule and see what's happening. What challenges or opportunities might pop up? Come up with a general menu for at least the next few days. It doesn't have to be anything in-depth. Just get a basic sense of what you might need to have on hand for the week ahead. Build your shopping list from your menu. Hit the grocery store. Grab a little extra just in case. Once you're back home, start prepping and cooking. If you know you won't have time later on, make your life easier by doing extra now. Roast 2 chickens instead of one, for example. Choose what is going to work best for your schedule. If it makes more sense to prep lunches for the majority of the week and save quick easy dinners for the day of, do that. Prep as many things as you can on this day. Cut up all your veggies so that when you are ready to cook, they are already to go, for example.  

The Daily Ritual

You can combine this one with the Sunday ritual if you want. Like do the time consuming, labour intensive stuff on Sunday and have all the other quick easy stuff left to do daily. Try a morning ritual where you have quick cooking options like a bowel of oatmeal or a blender omelet. Boost your oatmeal by shaking up flax, chia, cinnamon (and whatever else you desire) in a large jar. In the morning, all you have to do is scoop out the mix, add water and microwave it. Add some fruit and you're laughing. Or try this for lunch: "Simply take a large jar and pour the dressing into the bottom. Then add veggies, top with greens, and make sure the jar stays refrigerated and upright throughout the day. When you're ready to eat it, shake it up and pour it into a bowl (or heck, eat it right out of the jar!)." Or you could do a dinner ritual where you make extra and use the left overs the next day. Again, be creative here. Do what will fit your schedule and your life.

Healthy Meal Service

If your finances allow, you might consider a healthy meal delivery service. This is perfect for you if you don't like cooking. Takes the guess work out of everything for you. You might even consider the meals to go section of your grocery story. Lots of times that have really great salads or warm meal options that would totally fit within your dietary limits. There are, of course, always the speciality stores and restaurants. Check there, as they may have to go or delivery options as well. You could always try the BodyRock Meal Plan! This 30 day menu planner comes with a weekly grocery list so all you have to do is print out what you need, head to the grocery store and follow along. Sure, it won't cook the meal for you but it will walk you through the rest of it. More than just a planner, it comes with a nutrition guide, to help you make sense of your choices and a recipe book with over 70 recipes that will keep you from ever getting bored! These are just some ideas but the best advice is to do what works for you. If you surround yourself with healthy options and make things as easy as you can, you are far more likely to succeed. Do you have a food ritual? Tell us about it.

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