Did Amy Schumer Just Skinny Shame Taylor Swift?

Amy Schumer is not afraid to express strong opinions. The comedy star has made a career out of expressing brash, and sometimes unpopular, viewpoints. Having earned backlash for taking on Khole Kardashian's weight loss during her SNL monologue last October, it appears Schumer now has her wit trained on  Taylor Swift. Monday night belonged to Taylor Swift. Swift won album of the year at the Grammys, she performed AND she wowed the red carpet in a bright and daring ensemble. taylor While Swift was playing award show darling, Schumer shared a playful looking beach picture to Instagram, captioned, "Taylor that's not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap." taylor1 As you would expect, this comment angered lots of folks. Many rushed to defend Swift and criticize Schumer for making judgments about another woman's body. [bctt tweet="Did Amy Schumer Just Skinny Shame Taylor Swift?"] One wrote, "[A]n exfan. you should be able to celebrate yourselves and your bodies without putting down those with different body shapes." Another said, "[T]hat's rude. Can't we get rid of body shaming? You saying that is like a person calling you fat, and I'm sure you wouldn't like it. It's people like you and Hollywood standards that keep girls from feeling comfortable in their own skin." taylor2 And aren't those people partially right? If Schumer's post was in fact a comment on Swift's thinness, isn't it every bit as bad as fat shaming, every bit as damaging? Is Taylor Swift slender? Yes. Is it worth mentioning? Not really. We can likely all agree on the fact that body shaming is wrong. It is hurtful and it is destructive. It needs to end. But, fat shaming won't end because people start skinny shaming. There is little doubt that Schumer was making a joke. It may even have been a joke at her own expense. But obviously that is not how people are taking it and jokes that pit groups of people against one another are just not funny. Swift's thigh gap does not make curvier women any less beautiful just as Schumer's curves do not make thin women any less beautiful. Are we all just being overly sensitive? Sure, language is important, and who young women see as role models is also important. But wouldn't it make more sense if we all stopped worrying so much about what one strong, successful woman said about another strong, successful woman and taught the young girls in our lives how to love themselves as they are? Isn't it time we set our minds to building up our own self-esteem and supporting others in their efforts to do the same instead of ripping people to shreds to make ourselves look better?  Maybe it is time we acted as role models. What do you think? Was Schumer just making a joke or is she guilty of body shaming? Share your thoughts with us! Source: Daily Mail      

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