Did This Dating Site Lure Back Former Subscribers By Using Fake Profiles?

It occurred to Melissa Kite that something was off when she began receiving more messages from sexy single men after deleting her dating profile. At 43, Melissa gave online dating a go after being single for half a year. She signed up for Match.com in hopes of meeting some new people, but found after one month that her search was coming up fruitless. She called to cancel her subscription, and that's when she says things heated up. "In the few minutes I'd been on the phone to the company, three strikingly good-looking men had emailed me through the site. And they weren't just handsome. When I clicked on their profiles, they were professional and eligible, too." explains Melissa. She had a hard time believing what she was seeing, and continued with her cancelation. A few days later, Melissa was chatting with a friend who had a warning for her. The friend informed Melissa that while she thought her profile was taken down, the company fine print dictates that her 'one month trial' actually means that her profile will remain up for as long as Match chooses. Melissa immediately phoned Match when she discovered her ghost profile (which included a picture of her in a bikini) still going strong after she had 'cancelled' it. After an exhausting process, she was able to have her profile successfully taken down. But her question as to why so many attractive men appeared just as she was about to unsubscribe was never answered. Match representatives claimed it was merely a coincidence. What are your thoughts? Have you ever been swindled by an online dating site? Source: Daily Mail Do you follow BodyRock on Instagram? snapchat code  

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