Diet Challenge #2 - Include Complete Lean Protein

Hi BodyRockers, We are continuing with our diet challenges and this week we are adding another healthy eating habit that will support our training and body composition goals. During the first challenge we started to include Superfoods into our meals as often as possible. We shared a basic list of Superfoods as a starting point and you guys added many more tasty options in your comments. In the second challenge we made the transition from eating 3 meals per day to eating Superfoods 4 to 5 times per day and we started to get our heads around the idea that every time you eat, it's an opportunity to make your body better (or worse). Challenge 3 is about adding foods - specifically complete lean proteins and making sure that you have these proteins on your plate along with the other Superfoods. Our bodies rely on proteins and amino acids to produce important molecules - without enough protein in our diet, our bodies can't function well at all. Making sure you are getting lean protein with each of your 4 to 5 meals per day can also help to control body fat. Lean protein does not just have to mean meat - there are plant base sources including but not limited to: tofu, black beans, kidney beans, low fat cottage cheese, low fat plain yogurt, omega 3 eggs, and protein supplements. Meat based complete lean protein includes, but is not limited to: lean red meat, salmon, turkey breasts, chicken breasts. protein Taking on this challenge is another small step towards a diet that supports your fitness and  body composition goals. I know it can be tough to hit the rules of these challenges 100% of the time, because life has a way of screwing up your best diet intensions. The best and most realistic approach is to just do the best you can. The better you do with your diet the more results you can expect from your training. This challenge is on. If you guys have any suggestions, tips, or recipes, please share in the comments below.

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