Diet full of Variety

Hello everyone :) image I figured I would put a face to all the words :). I mentioned in a previous post how diet labelling lead to me fearing food, the more I became educated on certain foods and categorization the more obsessed I became. Over time without realization I let food control my life. I often feared milk products had cross contaminated my food, or that my meal wasn't made with all organic ingredients when I ate out. God forbid I had to eat Subway. Looking back now I shake my head at how obsessed I was, this was no way to live at all. I think it is important to be educated about food and the nutrition it offers, but with all the information out there it can be easy to obsess and want only raw fruits and vegetables to make up your diet. I don't know when the exact Ah ha moment was, but lets just say I look at food alot differently these days. I now consume lean meat on almost a daily basis, if I want yogurt I have it, if I don't eat vegetables at every sitting I won't be considered "unhealthy", I eat fish and enjoy it. With all of the information regarding certain foods diets it is overwhelming and easy to think most foods we eat are labelled "bad". I have since developed the mindset that food should not be considered good or bad, rather, I like to think certain foods are more nutrient dense than others. I like to fuel my body with as many whole foods in their natural, unprocessed state as possible. I now enjoy the occasional bowl of ice cream without fear my body is going to go into a state of shock from the pasteurization, or my body is going to turn acidic and disease prone because I ate a extra piece of meat. Honestly, this is what went through my head. I felt as if food controlled my life and now I feel free, it's a pretty amazing feeling. I know there are some of you reading this right now who have had a similar experience or are currently struggling with healthy eating, maybe even overwhelmed by food, well let me tell you this : As long as you focus on clean, unprocessed foods in their natural state MOST of the time the odd indulgence will not harm you. Sometimes life gets busy and it is better to eat something you typically wouldn't have (in my case Subway) than to not eat at all. By filling up on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, fish, legumes, healthy fats, and carbohydrates (focus on sweet potato,oats,quinoa,brown/wild rice, amaranth,millet) most of the time, it does not leave much room for anything else. I am by no means dissing Vegan, Raw food, Paleo or any other diet out there. I believe each of those diets have great benefits, but they just didn't work for me. My body thrives of variety. I feel and look my best when I eat a little bit of everything. One day ill cook a vegan feast, the next day ill be indulging in Brazillian BBQ ;). I love learning about health & anything diet related, and experimenting with different foods. I have learned over time that what may work for most may not work for me. I have learned that to much of something good can be bad. In my case by focusing strictly on vegetables my body was lacking the nutrients from a variety of other foods. I want to encourage you all to take a closer look at your diet. Enhance the variety, eliminate the processed junk, eat your veggies, and maybe indulge in something you wouldn't typically have. Once you learn to stop fearing food and use it as fuel to get through the days you will have a whole new appreciation I promise you this. I will leave you with a few favourites I have been enjoying lately: image Steamed veggies and Baked wild caught Atlantic Salmon with 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp tamari + 1 tsp garlic as the marinade. image 1 cup liquid egg whites, 1 cup wild rice/quinoa blend,kale chips baked in oven, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 black beans mashed, organic salsa + nutritional yeast. image Two slices of Ezikiel bread, 2 tbsp hummus and organic baked chicken breast. image Roasted corn with pepper, no butter. And after a tough workout... image I have been refuelling with a new favourite protein powder PLANT FUSION imageimage Until next time, Yolande :)

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