Diet Guru's Banana Regimen

Australian youtube diet guru “Freelee the Banana Girl” promotes her high-carb, low fat, raw vegan (before 4pm), mono-meal diet. Mono-meals are eating a lot of the same food – 21 bananas for example. You can watch her eat 51 bananas in a day, here: That bloat is a bit extreme, but honestly it’s not much worse than a burrito baby. She claims that this diet helped her lose 40lbs, cleared up her acne, and improved digestion. Whether it works for you is a different question entirely. [caption id="attachment_46146" align="alignnone" width="638"]I'd be happy being her before photo I'd be happy being her before photo[/caption] Based on traditional health advice, here are some positives of the diet: raw rather than cooked vegetables and fruit retain more vitamins and minerals, and promoting home cooked food rather than processed food. Of course there are also the negatives of the diet, that you should keep in mind: limited sources of B12, calcium, and iron, very high sugar and carb content, and not enough fat content. Variety, portion control, and moderation are generally the cornerstones of traditional healthy eating advice, and this diet ignores all of these. bananagirl3 A lot of dieticians have pointed out the dangers in this kind of diet, especially when a fellow Australian followed the diet while pregnant. I maintain that you should do what works for your body – eating a sea of fruit works for Freelee, so power to her, as extreme as it may seem, and I hope she doesn’t have negative consequences in the future.      

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